We’d be honored to earn your praise, too.

AbundantWords is easily the best copywriter we have ever used. Insightful knowledge gathering beforehand, together with the creativity that surpassed our best expectations, resulted in a final product that was better than we had imagined. We will definitely use them again!
Jason Hunnerson, President, The Pixel Plant Inc.
Jason is the go-to-guy when you need a writer. He has clarity when others aren’t specific on their messaging, knows the ins and outs of ‘what to say and how to say it’ — even in the most delicate situations –and he writes on behalf of others in their voice, if need be — or polishes up a client’s work so its ‘publish ready’. Jason is a star in my world and I’d recommend him without hesitation. As a plus, he is also extremely trustworthy, on time and puts his heart and soul into projects. He’s definitely someone you’ll want to work with.
Robin Samora, President, Robin Samora Inc.
My colleagues and I are thrilled to finally have a copywriting resource who has exceeded our expectations on every project we have thrown at him. Jason always produces high quality work with diverse subject matter and usually does so in advance of our tight deadlines. I would highly recommend Jason if you are looking for a professional writer who is extremely responsive and personable and works diligently behind the scenes to make you look good to your clients!
Kim Petterson, Internal Communications Manager, Central 1 Credit Union
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason on multiple projects and one thing really stood out for me: Jason can craft content that’s on point, readable and (most importantly) converting just by going on a very skimpy brief. It takes a real talent to turn a basic idea into 1000s of saleable content, and Jason has that in spades. His turn-around time is really good and he kept me posted on where he was in the process so that I, and my clients, knew exactly what was going on.
Andra Mircioiu, Conversion Copywriter, HootSuite
My company has worked with AbundantWords on several writing projects. Jason is competent, creative, easy to work with, and reliable. We’re glad to have a professional resource that we can trust, and look forward to an ongoing relationship.
Kevin Brooke, Executive Vice President, Teris
Love his work! Great to deal with, good input/feedback, completes tasks on time.
Bryan Payne, President, Picaboo Yearbooks
I had the pleasure of working with Jason while developing our website and rebranded a complex set of businesses. The knowledge and creativity he brought to the table were extremely valued and resulted in the successful re-design and relaunch of the three different brands. Jason was determined and hard working, coming prepared for every meeting, bring with him a innate ability to rationalize a very difficult business and provide critical language that allowed us to move forward in accomplishing a very daunting task. I would be happy to recommend Jason, any company would be very lucky to work with him both for his easy going personality and his impressive skill set.
Anna Misheal, Marketing Coordinator, Pharmatrust and Touchpoint Pharmacy
Jason is a highly intuitive, creative designer with an amazing eye for detail and presentation. He was so patient and easy to work with and always went above and beyond to ensure amazing end results in our publication! Thanks Jason!
Nadine Purnell, Office Manager, Willson International
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason on a number of projects. Highly personable, professional, collaborative, friendly and prompt—Jason is a top-notch writer. He is efficient and thoughtful with my requests and delivers incredible creative that always hits the mark. I look forward to working with Jason on many marketing projects in the future, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a writer with great insight and experience.
Saundra Miles, Marketing Manager, News Canada
I worked with Jason in compiling and coordinating Press Releases. He is prompt with deadlines, has a great communication style, and is always willing to go the extra mile to help and answer questions. I was new to Press Releases and Jason was extremely helpful and very generous with his time coaching and educating me on the fine points. He is a consummate professional and also truly a pleasure to work with. He is committed to communicating in the most influential way to attract and convert the client’s target market and I highly recommend Jason. He is committed to creating win-win relationships and a job well done; which is so appreciated.
Connie Keyes, Client & Reseller Support, Internet Dominators
Jason wrote the back-cover copy for my book, Presenting at Work: A Guide to Public Speaking in Professional Contexts. In a few short days, he created concise, compelling copy that really distilled the message of the book and our style as writers into a few short paragraphs. Jason did his due diligence and clearly understood the mission of the book, its contents, as well as the style of the book and authors. I will definitely hire him again for future writing projects.
Christine Clapp, President, Spoken with Authority
My experience working with Jason has been very positive and beneficial to me and my business. In fact, during our very first meeting, Jason helped to redefine and focus some of our strategic marketing efforts. While Jason’s title is one of Senior Copywriter, he brings much more to the table. He always provides honest feedback and would let me know when he felt that we could improve upon something we were working on. SEO, online and print marketing, website usability and of course copy writing, are things that Jason excels at. Upon reading the copy he’d send over, I’d often find myself thinking “that’s what I was trying to say”. Jason also happens to be a very fun person to work with and has a great sense of humor. If you are looking for someone to help push your business forward I’d recommend Jason in a heartbeat.Jason wrote an extremely professional, effective, and excellent profile description for my company. Since using his services, I have received a higher volume of clients and many compliments on his work. I highly recommend Jason, and plan on hiring him in the future for additional copywriting services.
Nalin Sharma, Realtor, Royal LePage Real Estate
AbundantWords has done an exceptional job on a variety of projects for us. Jason is both a creative and result driven expert. Regardless of project difficulty, he seems to always come up with perceptive, elegant, and cost-effective ideas. In my opinion, Jason sets the bar for other copywriters.
Christian Krohn, Director of Marketing, ptHealth Solutions
Two words. Hire Jason. I needed a writer for my site because I wanted to up the amount of people contacting me (conversions). Now, honestly, I am a little afraid to launch the site because I don’t know if I can handle the amount of work it will send me. Jason is a consummate professional. He doesn’t start until he has a complete understanding of your needs, market and goals. He then whips up incredible content, and he does it fast. He’s insanely easy to work with and quite funny as well…. I can’t recommend Jason enough. I will no question be working with him again.
Laurel Lindsay, President, The New Media Group
Jason has a way of excising the fat from words and getting right down to the bone of the matter. He is daring and fluid in his initial greeting, smooth delivery and congenial sign-offs. All this to say, he knows that every story has a beginning, middle and end, and when you read his efforts, there is nothing closer to effortless. You regale, inform and provoke your readers Jason…your tidy words bring clarity to an otherwise obscure and formless subject matter. It has been a pleasure getting to know you through your illustrative words and ideas. Continue serving the craft, as it serves you well.
Brigitte Habel, Senior Regional Account Executive, Divorce Marketing Group
It was always a pleasure of working with Jason on challenging projects. He is one dedicated individual who brings brilliant ideas to life. Jason’s creativity and strategic focus translates beautifully into his work. He was always able to deliver the “impossible” under limited time constraints and through his hard work ethic he always managed to achieve great results. Jason is an individual who listens to others and talks brilliantly through his writing. With no hesitation I would recommend Jason to anyone.
Lina Budryte, Marketing Coordinator, PCAS Patient Care Automated Services Inc.
Jason was extremely professional at every stage of the process and he is clearly experienced in his craft. All of his work was on time and of high quality — he obviously put in real effort to understand our business and how we see ourselves. We are very happy with the result!
Shawn Hyam, Founder, Brierwood Design
Jason is the freelance writer that I strongly recommend to any of my clients here at Vocus that are looking for someone to write their releases. I have acted as a liaison between my clients and Jason for the last few months now. Jason has been nothing short of spectacular when it comes to crafting professional press releases for my clients. Every single client of mine that has worked with Jason in these last few months has only had good things to say about his writing ability and customer service.
John Riddle, Account Executive, Vocus
Jason is an exceptional copywriter, consultant and professional. He has produced literally hundreds of copywriting projects for our firm, including major, mission-critical online and offline initiatives. Jason also has the intuition, creativity and work ethic to go above and beyond what is asked and expected. He has and continues to make a positive difference to our firm, our clients and our staff. We’re glad to have someone of Jason’s caliber on our team.
Dan Couvrette, CEO Divorce Marketing Group, Publisher of Divorce Magazine, and Publisher of Family Lawyer Magazine
Jason has come through for us on all levels including time sensitive deadlines, quality service, expert advise and guidance just to name a few. We would highly recommend him for all your copy and press release needs.
John Limbocker, Owner, Internet Dominators
Jason wrote an extremely professional, effective, and excellent profile description for my company. Since using his services, I have received a higher volume of clients and many compliments on his work. I
highly recommend Jason, and plan on hiring him in the future for additional copywriting services.
Stacey McLennan, Owner, Copycat Transcription Services
The work that AbundantWords has produced has been highly acclaimed by internal and external stakeholders. The level of expertise and professionalism demonstrated has truly been beyond any of my other writing vendors, of which there have been many! I will continue to work with AbundantWords in the future and highly recommend this company.
Dawna Peterson, Consumer Marketing Manager, WebMD
Jason is a talented and professional copywriter who brings a level of excellence to my company that it has been lacking. Beyond his obvious writing ability, what has significantly impressed me about Jason is that he understands branding and marketing. As such, he was able to help me identify, articulate and refine not just WHAT I needed to say to my target market, but HOW and WHY it should be said. To me, this awareness and ability sets Jason apart and makes him a very valuable part of my team.
Oleg Andelman, Founder and President, Working Media
Jason provided excellent work in the copywriting work he did for the Ontario Hypnosis Centre. His standards are very high and his integrity and commitment to providing material of quality that is better than expected adds an unexpected bonus to working with him.
Tariq Sattaur, Owner, Ontario Hypnosis Centre
I like working with Jason, he is quick to respond and really understands his field. We have worked on a few projects now and I will continue to work with him. It’s nice to know someone is there who is knowledgeable, affordable and professional.
Geoff Whitlock, President, Direct Response Media Group
It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Jason. He is a wizard when it comes to editing and making me look good. I very much value Jason’s ability to take my early thoughts and help to craft it into a professional and polished product. He is exceptional at what he does and should be trusted to make your work look great as well.
Joe Minudo, Head of Recruitment Strategy and Project Delivery, Granite Consulting Corporation
What a pleasure it was to work with Jason! He is an exceptional business-minded storyteller. He truly understood what I was looking for and the end product he delivered exceeded my expectations. Jason is a top-notch communicator, did a great job of keeping me informed with status updates, was incredibly responsive, met deadlines, and delivered quality. I highly recommend Jason and will use his services again.
Jennifer Bailey, Strategist & Change Agent, Grace Street Group
I really enjoyed working with Jason. He diligently got to know our business in a short time, and produced strong, action-oriented copy. He did so quickly to boot. I would recommend Jason for B2B copy writing needs that you may have.
Andrew Ryan, Senior Marketing Manager, Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
What can I say about Jason that hasn’t already been said? Well, apart from being extremely talented, a sensational copywriter and a superb story teller; Jason is a little bit corporate, a little bit quirky and a whole of pleasure to work with. He is a storyteller who keeps his eye on the brief and strives to understand the client’s business. I had worked with many “specialist” that pride themselves in being a “great communicator and listens to their clients”, Jason is one of the rare and TURE professional that I had the pleasure to work with. I would work with Jason again in a flash.
Elaine Chiu, Marketing Executive, C.I. Studios
AbundantWords understands requirements beyond imagination. It is literally like I have two minds but one mindset.
Farhad Karnally, CEO, Navitus Training
Jason is a consummate professional. Very few copywriters can get into the head of a C-level audience – Jason acts like he IS the C-level audience. I learned he has done a great deal of self-education and research on the psychology and thinking of different audiences and it shows. He is also very thoughful and perceptive about me as the client and about my audience. This is a rare gift. On this our fist job, (the second job is already started) he not only hit a home run, he hit a grand slam homerun. His work was not as good as I imagined — it was better than I could have imagined. WELL DONE, Jason.
Lawrence K. Laswell, CEO, Author, Speaker, Ranked by the US Navy as one of the top 200 Leaders out of 500,000
Jason has a true gift! He was able to capture the exact message I was looking for. Very professional. Will definitely do business again.
Julie Aragon, Mortgage and Financial Specialist
Jason is one of the best thinkers and marketing communicators I’ve met either full-time or freelance. I highly recommend him to friends and associates. We will start our second project in a couple of weeks.
Greg Petras, Founder and CEO, Quick Comments, Inc.; Founder, Chairman and CEO, Word of Mouth Network
Jason provided us with a brilliantly worded press release in record time. The most impressive part of the process was how much research he did in order to present our company in the most compelling way. We actually gave Jason very little content to work with – he came up with the perfect release entirely on his own and since time was of the essence, and no one really had the time to stop and explain our business to him, his initiative saved the day. Thanks Jason, we look forward to working with you again!
Kay Sweeney Carter, Sales and Marketing Director, Brain Freeze Entertainment
Jason has written copy for Dr. Harvey’s on several occasions. Our needs for creative writing are quite varied, from website copy, to marketing materials. We have found him to be very creative and perceptive. Jason is able to see our specific needs and works diligently until we have gotten the exact copy that we need. He is willing to give suggestions of his own based on a wealth of experience in writing for a variety of companies. Jason also pays close attention to the details of each assignment and understands our deadlines, always getting back to us in a timely manner. We have found Jason to be a seasoned professional. As a smaller company we are happy to have someone of Jason’s caliber on our team and we will continue to work with him in the future.
Wendy Shankin-Cohen, President, Dr. Harvey’s
I have hired Jason to write our press releases and I was so happy with the result that we have decided to give him the opportunity to review all our corporate content.
David Hervieux, President and CEO, Devolutions Inc.
I hired Jason to write blog posts for my law firm, which specializes in litigation. First, let me say that I deal with a lot of vendors and different professionals, and I must say Jason is a total professional, one of the best that I have ever dealt with. He is on time, up front, and does what he says he will do. On top of that, his written product is extremely good. His blog posts have been interesting and very relevant for my firm. I highly recommend him! Jason has my permission to have anyone interested in contacting me for a personal reference to do so, I will be glad to tell anyone who is willing to listen about his outstanding work ethic, terrific professionalism and creativity.
Bruce R. Milar, Partner, Milar & Mixon, LLC.
AbundantWords provided our company with articles that are both well articulated and captivating, allowing our intended audience to become engrossed with the material they have provided. Jason’s work is always put together well and delivered in a timely fashion. We will be using him frequently in the months to come.
Brande Nester, Legal Assistant, Johnson Law Group
Brilliant. Creative. Professional. Master Wordsmith. Jason deserves these accolades and much more. His work exceeded my wildest expectations, his level of professionalism impeccable. Great communication, meets deadlines, and most importantly, a true artist in his ability to take my potentially dry nonfiction project and craft something engaging, fun and interesting to read, yet substantive. Highly recommended!
David Steele, MA, LMFT, Founder, Relationship Coaching Institute and MillionDollarPractice.
Here are few words that describe AbundantWords: proficient, efficient, effective, creative, productive, reliable … … there are a hundred more I could add!
George Vasu, Managing Partner, Multigent Corporation
AbundantWords has assisted HooKMedia on numerous occasions with our copywriting and marketing requirements. Jason always delivers stellar work that is on time, and within budget. We highly recommend his services to any business or professional who seeks a top-notch marketing copywriter.
Tanya Novik, Marketing Director, HookMedia
Jason is a joy to work with. While others have failed, he successfully helped us put our big personality and voice into easy to understand paragraphs. If the stars align, I would definitely invite Jason to be part of my future projects. Will be back for the delicious bite size writing goodness. Thanks Jason.
Elaine Chiu, Marketing Executive, CI Studios
Jason is a fantastic writer and editor. He writes great copy and has a real talent for developing communication strategies.
Nick Stephenson, Owner, eCampus.com
I have the type of product that’s not the easiest to explain. Jason asked the right questions and combined with his ability to write superb copy was able to create a first class high quality sales letter. He took the time and did the research in order to deliver the desired outcome. I would recommend Jason and will be using him again.
Mark Montserin, President/CEO, ComCorp Communications Inc.
Had great experience with this amazing writer’s services. Great writer, fantastic service, and ahead of schedule. Would definitely recommend AbundantWords to anyone looking for writing services.
Jason Alfatoon, Marketing Director, MusicKong.com
Can’t say enough about the job that Jason did. Nice to know that I don’t have to worry about the quality of copy on my website anymore. Excellent work!
Brian Campbell, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, VerbalBusiness.com
I was amazed at Jason’s quality of work. It blew me away and I got so excited that I felt like going out and buying my own product!! Thank you Jason. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Jane Bussenschutt, Founder, VisionBoardDVD.com
Jason is an outstanding creative partner. He has a deep expertise in marketing and be invaluable in developing material, providing insights and feedback and crafting powerful content. He is flexible, fast to deliver, responvie and an easy to collaborate with team player. I highly recommend Jason.
Michelle Kaberle, Sr. Manager of Channel Programs & Marketing, Zebra Technologies
The project was done perfectly. I will do further projects with AbundantWords because everything was at my highest expectations.
Patrick Holzer, President, Holzer & Co.
I have been working with AbundantWords for some time now. We have received wonderful service, excellent copy and all the work has been delivered in a timely manner. I highly recommend AbundantWords to anyone looking for professional web copy and an expert in SEO.
Debbie Cohen-Abravanel, Director, Aladdin Knowledge Systems.
Jason is our editorial expert! He is easy to work with and delivers superior results on time. I have worked with Jason to put together our quarterly newsletter since 2008 and have always been able to depend on him. He comes up with creative solutions to any issue that may arise. I’m extremely pleased with the quality of Jason’s work and will continue to depend on his expertise for our future employee newsletters.
Hina Rohillah, HR Generalist, Willson International
Jason was instrumental in helping me develop the marketing piece for Compass FE, an entrepreneurial school that I am working on.
John McGraw, Certified Internet Marketing Consultant, WSI B2B Magnet Marketing
I am extremely satisfied with my decision to work with Jason as well as the work that he produced. He took my initial words and thoughts and elegantly developed them into writing that effectively drives sales and captivates interest. His knack for finding the right words is rare and valuable. Furthermore, he was engaging, personable, and professional throughout the entire process. AbundantWords is now my go-to provider for writing and editing. I highly recommended him to individuals and businesses in need of a good and reliable writer or editor.
Jason Connell, Professional Speaker and Trainer, Changing the World 101
Great job as usual!
Erica Pearson, Founder and CEO, EP Marketing Solutions
Jason was great to work with! He not only met our expectations but exceeded them and completed the work ahead of schedule. Highly recommend him!
Karen Arrington, Founder, Miss Black USA Pageant and Scholarship
AbundantWords did an EXCELLENT job. Jason knows offline marketing VERY well. He explained to us exactly in simple terms why are strategy was wrong and what to do about it. Not to mention he gave us an incredible marketing idea which we are confident will increase our profits tremendously. He did WAY MORE than I expected. He also worked with our other writers and gave tips on how to create materials and systems we will need in the future even though he will not be involved. This proves he is looking out for our company and not just about making money for himself. Not to mention he was nice, pleasant and friendly. I HIGHLY recommend this writer.
David Oliver, President, The Leverage Team LLC
I really loved what Jason did with the my feature story and press release. I have submitted them to several publications on line and in print, and included them in my media kits. I am looking forward to future projects with AbundantWords!
Camilla Havlik-Patten, Owner, MuralMom.com
Jason has assisted us many times writing engaging copy for our website. His work is second to none and always is delivered on time. He is very helpful in the creative process, and always offers valuable advice regarding the topics at hand. Having dealt with other copywriters in the past, I can assure that his work is top quality. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for an exceptional copywriter!
Chris Proctor, REALTOR® at Realty Executives – Devonshire Realty and FirstHomePros.com
Jason was a pleasure to work with and provided exceptional copy for my website. I will not hesitate to use his services again.
Jonathan McLeod, RE/MAX Mtn. View Ltd.
Very happy with the work done so far, thanks Jason.
Keith Marshall, Managing Director, Accounting for Small Business
Jason was very responsive and easy to work with. He provided a creative edge for my project.
Marva Gold, President, Marva Gold & Associates
This guy can write! AbundantWords has done a superb job of putting a difficult concept into easy to understand language. And, he is the consumate professional. We will definitely continue to work with him.
Jim Duffy, President, Protica
Great job once again. Jason is becoming my go-to for SEO copywriting projects.
Evan LaGasse, Director, eBoost Consulting
Jason, we would like to thank you for all the jobs you have done for us recently. You appear to be everything you promise and more – high quality creative work, submitted on time, great communication, professionalism, responsiveness and punctuality. We were very pleased with your work and service level and will be happy to award our future projects to you. We will highly recommend you to our clients and friends. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Suzanna Keselman, Partner, inNumbers, Inc.
Very professional and responsive service provider. Thank you.
J. Kovacs, V.P. & G.M., Kessler America
After working with another writer and having to spoon feed everything I needed it, I was extremely pleased when turning the same project over to an individual who knows exactly what to do and willing to do whatever it took to make the job a success. Do not hesitate in using AbundantWords – you will be very pleased in the outcome of the project.
Dr. B. N. Hardy, DC, LAc, CCN, DACBN
Lightening fast work, delivered in a spectacular style. His ghost-writing made me look like a genius. Jason over delivered. I
M. Flournoy, Creator of SuccessBuilder Coaching Software

m sure we’ll do many more projects together! Thanks, Jason.[/testimonial]

Absolutely top-notch work, with the fastest turnaround I’ve ever seen – literally overnight. Awesome job, thank you so much! I will have AbundantWords do projects in the future, without a doubt.
J. Reidel, President, Increase Media
Extremely professional and responsive.
Louise Leduc Kennedy, Founder, West Hill Technology Counsel
It was fantastic working with Jason. We came to AbundantWords wanting to clarify our organizations identity (we’re a fast growing start up). We had many ideas and pages of notes about our business. Jason provided an excellent meaningful questionnaire that allowed us to work through and prioritize our thoughts. With this Jason was able to condense our thoughts into a brilliant document. Till the next project.
T. Skoudros, President, Take off Technology
The combination of your complex weave of words, my graphic design and the quality of the print job produced a stunning final piece. Everyone that looks at the finished brochure says “wow”. This is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate your professionalism and your “quik” turnaround times. I will be contacting you in the future for additional projects.
Nathan Edmondson, Communications Manager, Teksmed QuikCare
Very fast turn around. Great communication skills. Knows lots and shares lots. Will use again and again and again! Thank you Jason.
Trevor Byrne, Director, Small Business Finance Center
Providers that do exactly as promised if not better always get my resounding recommendation, and Jason does that every time. Great working with you again.
Jamie Doyle, Publisher, Sports Car Digest
Jason went above and beyond for me. He is very professional with high integrity. I noticed he genuinely cares about his clients which explains his several repeat customers. Jason has a deep and detailed knowledge of not only Copywriting but a vast array of subjects in business. Especially being a young Entrepreneur conducting business with Jason has been priceless! I will definitely work with Jason in the future!
Ivan Hughes, Founder, gimpos.com
Jason is an excellent writer and copywriter. He is very creative, professional as well as an expert in his field. I would highly recommend him.
Sue Kasson, Sales Professional and Personal Coach
As a small company owner you need to surround yourself with a network of high quality experts who are there for you when you need them and that is a big challenge. In Jason I have found just that. Jason is available and reliable when we need him and with minimal guidance and instructions, Jason creates work which reflects our company’s mission and values. Jason doesn’t just write eloquently but he places the objectives of the material he creates into context and brings a wealth of refreshing ideas which I always ‘steal’ scrupulously! Simply put, when someone else creates work you wish were yours, you know you have a winner!
Nathalie Fréchet, Founder, Passion 4 Customers